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Instructor Certification

Thank you for your interest in the USKMA, the industry leader in Krav Maga business systems. The U.S. Labor Dept. tells us that of all small business start ups, ninety percent fail within their first year.  Of the ten percent that make it past the one year mark, ninety percent of those fail before their fifth year.  We are happy to report that we have dozens of affiliate gyms who are in that “one percent” of businesses that make it!  Our system is proven across the country in gyms that we have helped to grow!

A recent nationwide report found that “Krav Maga” ranked third, behind only “Fitness Kickboxing” and “Martial Arts For Children”, in internet searches for martial arts or self defense.  People are looking for good Krav Maga!  Like most Krav Maga organizations we will teach you and your staff excellent real world self defense techniques. Krav Maga is easy to learn, easy to remember and extremely effective. Law enforcement and military groups throughout the world seek out Krav Maga because of its reputation as that of real-world, no-nonsense self defense. What separates the USKMA from other organizations is the business and marketing side.

We will show you exactly how to use awesome marketing to get people in, lead awesome introductory lessons that will get people to join, and teach awesome classes that people want to keep coming back for! We will show you every aspect of how to run a Krav Maga gym…everything from how to answer the phone to providing you with social media copy to giving you class lesson plans with videos. We will share everything with you that we did in our Ohio gyms to go from start to over 700 members.  The great thing about our marketing is that it is done with integrity.  No used car salesman techniques!!

We start you out with our instructor training.   Four days of intense classes in which you will learn the level 1 techniques, how to teach and how to run a Krav Maga gym with an emphasis on marketing. We do not bring you in to show you how tough we are, to flunk as many as possible or to let you leave at the end not knowing if you passed. We believe that Krav Maga is good for people and that it will keep them safe. Our goal is to teach others this system to spread it throughout the U.S.

We have done everything over the years for advertising and have come to realizing that social media is where it’s at right now.  Over 1 billion people are on Facebook!  We have teamed up with the social media gurus at Social Media Dogo who work with major companies to get them noticed!  We will show you how to run ads, boost posts and (a USKMA exclusive) give you content to use on your social media platform several times per week.  We will give you the official USKMA social media plan which we guarantee will get you page likes, and more people in the door!

We schedule level one instructor trainings at gyms across the nation several times during the year, check “events” page of and “events” on our Facebook page for training dates.   You will leave our instructor training with a great knowledge of all of our level one techniques as well as some level two and weapon disarms. The 4 days of training is $495 for those who will be affiliates and $595 for those who want the training for personal knowledge. This is much less than what most other organizations charge for training and we believe that we are the only organization really showing gym owners a complete system that will grow their adult program and grow their bottom line.  Another option for affiliate training is for us to come to your gym to train and test your staff for the four days.  The training is $1,960 plus airfare and hotel for 2 instructors.  By the time we leave you and your staff will have our lesson plans for level 1 and know how to run classes, how to do intros, how to market, what to say on the phone, how to run a test, etc.

All of this for the monthly charge of only $199. That’s right, if you follow our system and sign two students in one year to a 12 month agreement we paid for ourselves.  We can guarantee our system will help you sign many more than that!  We will give monthly video staff meetings, drill of the month, technique of the month, marketing material, etc. and show how at our Ohio gym we were signing an average of 48 adults per month over a two year period. You will also be given access to the affiliate page of one of the top web sites in the business. This site is your one stop shop for running a Krav Maga gym. On the site are videos on how to run intros, classes, tests and drills as well as lesson plans, how to write a press release, marketing material, ad photos and much, much more.

We would love to include you in our upcoming training. Call or e-mail with any questions.