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For the Dojo

For the Dojo

The United States Krav Maga Association is starting a new program KRAV MAGA FOR THE DOJO for those martial arts dojos that are not looking for a stand alone Krav Maga program.  This is for the instructor who is looking to add a self defense or fitness component to their curriculum.  Can also be used by Dojos for post black belt material, upgrade clubs like masters club, black belt club, etc, in house Assistant Instructors training and/or fitness style no rank classes

We offer the Krav For The Dojo Training several times a year across the country.  This training will consist of two days training (16 hours).  After this training you will have dozens of techniques for your students for both unarmed attacks and attackers using handgun, knife, stick and long gun. Krav Maga techniques are easy to learn, easy to remember and effective!  After this training you have the option of being an USKMA Krav Maga for the Dojo affiliate and will have unlimited access to the USKMA for advice, to answer questions, use of all USKMA material and logos, etc. as well as access to our “Dojo” page on where you can watch videos on every technique you have learned and have them explained by USKMA black belts.  All this for only $59 per month.  This affiliation is not mandatory to attend the training.

Krav Maga is the world’s most battle tested self-defense system. Designed for the Israeli Defense Forces it has been embraced by civilians, military unites and law enforcement divisions the World over. E mail us at for more info!

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